Kevin Blondo Joins EAPC St. Paul

EAPC’s St. Paul, MN office welcomes Senior Architect, Kevin Blondo

Aberdeen, SD native Kevin Blondo (NDSU ’90) joins our St. Paul office as a seasoned architect who has worked primarily on healthcare projects over the last 13 years. Kevin also has years of design experience on a variety of project types including commercial, industrial, educational, worship, and residential. Kevin said working on laboratory projects has been some of his most enjoyable work to date.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning from researchers about what they are doing in the labs and it always has amazed me to see the level of detail that goes into scientific research. I feel that if my design helped them to have a more efficient and comfortable space, maybe I was contributing in some small way in helping them find treatments for the various diseases and ailments that they were studying.”

With 28 years of design in his portfolio, Kevin says he loves the variety of work this profession presents and he especially enjoys working with clients and project team members.

“At EAPC, I hope to leverage my design experience to produce quality projects and expand on EAPC’s existing client base through new opportunities.”

Kevin has two daughters Kaylee and Matlin and a granddaughter Kinley who is almost two years old. In addition to designing, Kevin enjoys woodworking, hiking with his dog, working on home improvement projects, travelling, and spending time with his granddaughter.

Welcome to the EAPC family, Kevin!