EAPC Bemidji will provide new construction mechanical and electrical commissioning services for Bemidji State University‘s Energy Controls Replacement project.

As the Design/Construction Commissioning Leader, EAPC will commission all major systems (air handlers, boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, pumps, etc.) and test at least 20% of terminal devices (VAV boxes, unit heaters, radiation, terminal coils, exhaust fans, etc.) in the Heating Plant, Deputy Hall, Bangsberg Hall, the PE/Recreation Center, Sattgast Hall, and the A.C. Clark Library.

EAPC will assist in developing a HVAC Commissioning Plan with the following objectives:

  • Ensure that applicable equipment and systems are installed properly and receive adequate operational checkout by installing contractors
  • Verify and document proper performance of equipment and systems
  • Ensure that Operations & Maintenance manuals are complete
  • Ensure that the University‚Äôs operating personnel are trained in the maintenance and operation of commissioned systems
  • Ensure energy saving strategies are implemented and maintained with 10-month review
Contact Commissioning Authority, Jim Stocke, for information on Commissioning services