EAPC Welcomes Ryan Buchmann

Ryan Buchmann joins EAPC in our Grand Forks office as an Electrical Intern.

Ryan is currently attending University of North Dakota and will graduate May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics.

“My primary focus at EAPC is to further develop my engineering skillset and to assist on engineering projects for clients. I hope to really get involved and contribute to current projects quickly.”

Ryan spent several months last year employed at Great River Energy (GRE) in Underwood, ND. He said he enjoyed being able to learn about the power and utility industry.

“I was able to work with a great team of plant system engineers across all engineering disciplines and was given the opportunity to learn about many parts of the plant and work on projects to improve it.

Ryan says that his experiences from GRE will be very useful in his position at EAPC.

“I think that it’s helpful having worked in a heavy industrial environment as now I can relate more quickly to these project types. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty out in the field–to study the problem and solve it.”

Ryan said he looks forward to working on a variety of project types at EAPC.

When not in class or at work, Ryan says he enjoys PC gaming/hardware and has a homemade computer that he built to use for school, content creation, and gaming. Ryan likes to travel, too. In 2013 he went to Germany for three weeks experiencing the culture and soaking in its history.

Welcome to EAPC, Ryan!