Sanford Bemidji Medical Center

Sanford Bemidji Medical Center has partnered with EAPC for schematic design of their inpatient and outpatient clinical and pathology labs.

Because EAPC Business Excellence has a strong background in helping healthcare organizations utilize the tools of LEAN to identify the value in their processes, improve the flow of their operations, and help their teams focus on identifying and eliminating the wastes in their processes, BE was selected to provide a LEAN-based Space Study for the Sanford lab project. This study will include a value stream mapping of the current core value streams identified by the staff and stakeholders, and a multiple-shift observation of the work flow in the key value streams to document ‘hidden wastes or flow disrupters’.

The Business Excellence team will collaborate with the Architectural and Stakeholder teams on how to utilize these findings to produce a final space study revealing options for improved flow and reduced wastes.