Like them a lot or not so much, mission statements can provide purpose and encapsulate defined values.

As EAPC embarks on its 51st year in business, we reflect on how we got this far. What do we do differently that makes our A/E firm unique? What is it that keeps us grounded, yet forward thinkers, humble but also passionate to produce the best for our clients? What is that “thing” that puts our boots on the ground every morning?

Perhaps these questions can be answered somewhat universally with one final question: what is our purpose or mission?

EAPC has a long rewarding history of providing design consulting services to many clients, in multiple sectors, across numerous states. Although generalists, one of the areas EAPC specializes in is healthcare planning and design. Our team of experts in this significant industry look to emulate what our core values represent. So to answer the question of what is our purpose or mission, and in this case for our healthcare clients, we look to our mission statement:

We create unique design solutions that promote human-centered care with the efficiency and flexibility to grow and adapt to meet our clients’ future healthcare delivery needs.

The very backbone of this mission statement supports what our healthcare leadership seeks to provide every day in their design. It is our mission to provide well-designed environments that considers everyone from patients, families, nurses, and physicians, to housekeeping and administrative staff.

Together with client collaboration, EAPC strives to deliver human-centered spaces that instill a sense of humanity in healthcare innovation.