If you’ve never stepped foot in a group fitness class, you’re missing out.

Group classes are energetic, motivating, and can be extremely effective. It may seem intimidating if you are a newbie, but don’t be afraid to give it a try. Signing up for a class can shake up your same old workout routine and help you build different muscle groups. When you pay for a membership to a gym or studio, you’re eager to make the most of it.

Melanie’s 5:30 Friday Morning Step & Sculpt Class at Knockout Fit Club in Bemidji, MN


With group classes, you’ll be more motivated than ever. It’s easy to slack off on a machine in the corner of the gym, but in an exercise class your heart rate will be up the entire time. Some classes involve bright lights, loud music, the yelling of the instructor, and sweat pouring off everyone around you! With all your senses engaged, you’ll be more motivated to push yourself than if you were working out alone.

“I push myself harder in the presence of other class members and instructor than I would at home alone.” —Christine


Fitness should be fun and motivating. You could spend your free time watching TV or going out for happy hour. But, if you find a class that feels fun to you, you’ll rarely skip it. Joining a community of people committed to fitness and self improvement can make a huge difference in your overall progress. It’s motivating to find yourself in a class with different people who are all working toward the same goal. Most likely, you will meet some new friends that will keep you accountable.

“I love that relationships are built in 45 minutes even without much talking. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces for a quick chat while putting on our shoes. I miss them when they don’t make it to class.” —Connie

They love starting their day with a workout!


The certified instructor will give you instruction on the exercises and make sure you have a safe workout according to your current fitness level. Classes include warm-up, main workout, and a cool down including stretching. You get some variety in your workout and some coaching as you sweat it out. Many group fitness participants enjoy not having to design a routine on their own, but simply do as the instructor says!


Many fitness studios offer a diverse range of classes to try so if you feel tired of one, try another. There are different types of workouts for every fitness level, including for those recovering from an injury or any other limitation. From low to high impact, choose what is right for you. From Boot Camp, Spinning, Step and Kickboxing, to Yoga, Pilates, Stability Ball or Zumba…something will peak your interest. Be sure to checkout your local gym or fitness studio for class schedules and offerings!

“Try it! It’s super fun and you meet awesome friends! Melanie really pushes you to your fullest potential and it’s always a great workout!” —Angie