14 Funny Fitness Do’s and Don’ts

What happens when a fitness enthusiast and a cartoonist walk into a gym together? They come up with a pretty creative way to share some do’s and don’ts to practice the next time you’re getting ready to hit the gym.

Whether regular exercise is a new part of your routine or you’ve been rocking your weekly workout regimin for years, these tips are excellent reminders for everyone!

Do start off slowly.

Don’t expect to go out and run 10 miles.

If you’re on the newer side to exercise, start with a walking program. Minimize your chances of injuring yourself by starting slowly and then plan to increase your pace time and movement a little bit each week.

Don’t quit.

“I can’t do this….just forget about it!”

It’s not going to be easy, but if you keep trying at least 4-5 days a week it will become a habit. You might even learn to love it.  😉

Do ask questions.

“Am I doing this right?”

Find a trainer or a staff member at your facility who can teach you about proper form and technique and how to properly use some of the machines. There are an abundance of books, magazines and online articles with plenty of helpful information as well.

Don’t stink up the place.

Please wear deodorant! Nobody wants to be around the smelly person in the room. If it happens more than once you might start to get a nickname. ☹ This applies as an everyday rule!

Do change it up.

Don’t get stuck on the treadmill doing the usual 20 minutes at the same pace every time you work out. Mix up your routine and give your workout a boost occasionally to push your body harder and maximize the results. When you use your muscles through strength training, it will enhance your metabolism and you will burn more calories.  Plus cross training helps prevent injuries that might occur from doing the same activity over and over again. Aim to do some of the exercises you usually avoid such as squats, lunges,  pushups and core work. 💪

Don’t leave without stretching.

Stretching after a good cardio session is always a good idea. It helps relieve tension in your muscles and works to keep you flexible and injury-free. If nothing else you can stretch in the shower after your workout.

Do carry a water bottle.

Drink water while exercising to avoid becoming dehydrated and stay away from sugary energy drinks.

Don’t workout with a sickness.

If you do exercise while feeling under the weather, be sure to sanitize any equipment after use. You might be trying to kick whatever is plaguing you, but nobody wants your germs!

Do wear proper attire.

Please don’t come in jeans and workboots and get on a machine or join a class. You’ll feel more comfortable in clothing that you can move freely in and that is made of sweat wicking material.

Don’t skimp on footwear.

Using your old stinky tennis shoes from 3 years ago is a bad idea. Find proper shoes with cushioning and support for your feet during specific activities. Inadequate shoes can lead to injuries.

Do save phone calls for after your workout.

Nobody wants to hear your conversation when you are exercising on a machine. It’s ok to listen to music with headphones to enhance your workout.

Don’t judge.

You might be someone who catches on easily the first time you attempt a new class or you might be a regular gym rat that knows how to use every piece of equipment, but that’s not the norm. Other people may be awkward and struggle with every new exercise or not be technologically advanced to use some of the newer gym equipment. Give them a smile and encourage them or offer to help when needed instead of making them feel bad.

Do be courteous.

Share space and equipment with others and clean up once you’ve finished. Avoid interrupting someone in the middle of their workout and try to keep grunts and other vocals to a minimum. It’s just too hilarious distracting!

Don’t have a negative attitude.

Show up, have fun and bring a friend. Make the most of your workout and show some enthusiasm rather than having a negative attitude about the whole thing. You’ll set yourself up for failure before you even start.