EAPC Career Milestones

EAPC is pleased to recognize 18 staffers for reaching significant years of service milestones.

Your dedication and commitment serve as a vital link in the chain which drives our operation to continued success. Thanks to the important contributions made by you, EAPC is a leader and award winning service provider in the architecture and engineering industry. At your career milestone, we honor you for the part you play in maintaining our high performance standards and commitment to design excellence.

Congratulations EAPCers on your milestone achievement and thank you sincerely for being part of our team and making our workplace THE place to be. We look forward to your ongoing contributions and a bright and successful future together.

5 Years

Marc Hagen, Electrical Engineer, Fargo office; Chris Skarie, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fargo office; Jesse Sandry, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fargo office; Bruce Ogden, Director of Business Development, Fort Collins office; Cory Iseminger, Mechanical Designer/Construction Management, Grand Forks office; Tim Gustafson, Interim Department Manager/Structural Engineer, Grand Forks office; Moses Jacobs, Office Manager/Senior Architect, Williston office; Joe Sando, Senior Architectural Project Manager, Grand Forks office

10 Years

Anthony Corcoran, Department Manager/Senior Mechanical Engineer, Fargo office; Lori Bakken, Director of Marketing, Grand Forks office; Greg Soleim, Chief Financial Officer, Grand Forks office; Jeremy Haglund, Mechanical Designer, Grand Forks office

15 Years

Chad Fuglesten, Mechanical Designer, Bemidji office

20 Years

Jim Tyler, Partner/Senior Mechanical Engineer, Bismarck office; Brad Nickelson, CAD Specialist/Architectural Production, Grand Forks office; Adrian Pfeiler, Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer, Bismarck office

25 Years

Jon Englund, CAD Specialist/Structural-Civil Production, Grand Forks office

45 Years

Curt Kolb, CAD Specialist/Mechanical Production, Grand Forks office