Giving back to our communities happens every October at EAPC. Sometimes it involves EAPCers growing beards to raise dollars for charity.

Beardtober 2016

Other times, we cover up in garbage bags and throw pies.

EAPC’s month-long event “Pie in the Face” raised over $3,000 for “Unseen”, an organization that helps nonprofits who are fighting human trafficking, caring for orphans, and ending cycles of poverty, raise the support they need to expand and accelerate their life-saving work.

EAPC selects a different charity each year in one of our office locations around the region. The selection is determined by EAPC staff of that particular office location. Unseen Executive Director and Co-Founder, Than Baardson, said EAPC’s donation is going straight to work. “It will go to a lot of kids, so thanks for ‘taking one [pie] for the team.'”

Than Baardson of Unseen with EAPC President Alan Dostert and pie in the face recipient, Ryan Watson

EAPC’s Pie in the Face event worked in two phases. Phase I involved nominating fellow staffers for $5 per nomination to be at risk for a potential pie in the face. Those with the highest nomination count were honored with their own special jar for Phase II.

All staffers were invited to fill the jars with coins and bills.

At the end of Phase II, the contenders from each office with the most money in each jar received a pie in the face.

This fundraiser has been our most successful event to date. “The amount of staff participation this year was exciting and inspiring,” said Lori Bakken, EAPC Marketing Director. “The strategic moves and last-minute coin dropping made this fundraiser especially fun. Those who took a pie in the face exhibited teamwork, and in some cases, bravery!”