Three Decades of “This Mechanical Room is Too Small”

When Jerry Vaughn started at Haack Engineering on June 1, 1987, he produced his mechanical load calculations on a hand written spread sheet and his drafting by hand on a drafting table with a parallel bar, a triangle, a mechanical pencil and, most importantly, an electric eraser. If changes seem troublesome now, you can imagine what it was like then.

He spent hours creating drawings and almost as much time making copies on a blueprint machine, immersed in the smell of ammonia. “You’d come outta there feeling sick from the smell,” he remembers.

Jerry says the advancements of today in system technology and design production over the past 30 years are amazing. Hand drafting was his primary means of design before learning AutoCAD in 1990. EAPC acquired Haack Engineering in June 2005. Now a twelve year Senior Mechanical Designer at EAPC, Jerry still enjoys hand sketched designs.

Today we celebrate his three decades of invaluable service to the industry. For thirty years, Jerry has been designing state of the art mechanical systems to function and fit in “mechanical rooms that are much too small”. This, and making sure that buildings in Northern Minnesota’s extreme, ever changing climate are going to perform to expectations, is Jerry’s expertise. EAPC has been fortunate to have Jerry’s talent and experience for the past twelve years. He hopes to continue contributing his knowledge to the industry for at least twelve more!

Thank you, Jerry, and congratulations on this impressive milestone.


Congratulations on Three Decades of “This mechanical room is too small.”