EAPC Industrial Services Acquires Exothermic Engineering

EAPC Industrial Services
expands their design services

EAPC announced the acquisition of Exothermic Engineering, LLC in April 2016. This acquisition combines the strengths of EAPC and Exothermic Engineering to provide an unparalleled array of services to our clients, and positions EAPC as a forerunner in the Industrial Services market, enhancing the company’s future growth and performance to our clients.

Exothermic Engineering provides complementary expertise in combustion services and systems coordination that will greatly contribute toward expanding our design services. These services include burner design, burner modification burner testing, coal pulverizers, coal classifiers, coal crusher-driers, and coal conduits. Their work includes both conventional (coal, gas, and oil) fuels, and non-conventional fuels. Firing systems include pulverized coal, cyclones, stokers and fluidized beds. Their combustion services include combustion forensics, testing, and design, usually for the purpose of either performance improvement or solving a performance problem. In addition, Exothermic Engineering provides the design, review, and replacement of Burner Management Systems (BMS) and combustion control systems, as well as the expertise to control, tune, and troubleshoot SNCR systems.